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Construction Documentation

Morphlit Architecture team comprises of Architects, and 3D Visualizers providing Architecture Documentation Services, with comprehensive technical knowledge of various building types including healthcare, educational, institutional, commercial, mixed development, residential, aged-care, and hospitality.

For any construction project (in this case buildings), construction documents, drawings, sketches and plans are needed for the proper execution of the project. There can be plenty of different documents that make up your set. Different clients and buildings have different requirements. Even the scope of the budget for the project can change the drawing requirements of the project. However, certain conventions have become widely accepted.

Structural Drawings

1. General Notes
2. Typical sections
3. Foundation excavation plan
4. Footing sections
5. Ground floor column plan
6. Column sections
7. Ground floor plinth beams plan
8. Plinth beams sections
9. Ground floor beam plan
10. Beam sections
11. Ground floor slab bottom rebar detail
12. Ground floor slab top rebar detail
13. Ground floor slab section
14. Overhead water tank design
15. Septic tank design

These drawings show the support system of the building like how the building is standing, what are its structural components, what is the strength of the building and how beams, columns, stairs, slabs etc. are connected and thus like.